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Celebrating a Presence on the Web since March of 1996

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All about Robert...if you dare About Me...A little info about me, my family, my work, my life in East Texas and anything else that will bore you to the max. Don't worry, it's brief... read more

Listing of Roberts articles and short stories Articles...Over the years I've written numerous articles on various subjects that might appeal to you. Feel free to look at a listing of articles I've written over the years... view more

My Enthusiasm Enthusiasm...This is the page that illustrates what I'm enthusiastic about. I'm enthusiastic about many things in life. Feel free to enter and read about the latest... read more

Motorcycle Page Gold Wing... Honda Gold Wing, that is. Many ask why I ride. If you don't ride, it's difficult to explain but for me, riding is therapeutic. I consider myself a motorcycle purist, one that really enjoys the freedom of riding... view more

Kite Page Kites... Sport Kites present a whole range of different opportunities. By flying with two lines the 'pilot' can maneuver the kite left and right, up and down to perform however they please... view more

My Passion Passion...I'm passionate about many things, but nothing tops the New London School Disaster. Feel free to enter and read about it... read more

Robert's Past TV Career Past TV Career...From 1972 until 1986, I worked in the exciting world of Television. I learned a great deal in those 15+ years. I learned a lot about journalism and developed some lifelong friendships... read more

Photography Photography...I was the reporter that was sent to get the "human interest" stories which almost always included a need for artsy videography and photography... read more

VideoCafe Videos...Since purchasing some beefy video editors, I've started exploring the world of video/audio editing. The results are fantastic. Feel free to view the work I've done so far on my Video page... view more

Robert's Web History Web History...As you may know, Robert Hilliard's Website of the World has been around on the web for over 20 years. Feel free to take a look at how it got started and how it looked in the past... read more

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Robert's Amazing Mysteries Page Amazing Mysteries...Science isn’t a perfect art and the very nature of our reality means that we will always be hunting for answers. Keep on reading but be forewarned that these mysteries might keep you up at night.... more

Robert's Bumper Sticker Page The Bumper Americana as the automobile. What self-respecting car or truck would be seen in public without some kind of degrading bumper sticker... more

Robert's Catchphrases Catchphrases...they've become very popular as of late. Many phrases have gone viral and have become part of our daily vocabulary. Check them out and maybe you'll pick up a few and make a big impression at the watercooler... more

Robert's Fact or Fiction Page Fact or Fiction?...You've always wanted to know what was fact or fiction. There are many myths and wives tales out there, so check this page to keep your life factual and going strong... more

Robert's Funny Quotes Page Funny Quotes/Pics...what would life be without a quote or two... especially a funny quote. Check these out to make your day go a little smoother and possibly faster. You know what they say... a funny quote a day keeps the doctor away? ... more

Robert's Funny Stuff Page Funny Stuff...You're at home surfing the web and bored to tears. You haven't come across a decent website in days and now you've landed HERE! Believe it or not you've come to the right place. After reading this stuff, you'll be ready to take on anything... more

Robert's Joke Page Jokes...What would our lives be like without jokes? Conversations around the dinner table would be pretty boring! Sit back, relax and take a look at some of the finest jokes that man has invented. Well, maybe not the finest, but very close... more

Robert's Slogan Page Slogans...There is a slogan for every idea that a human can come up with. So, it is with great pride that this page was born. Feel free to enter your own slogan. If it's clean and original, it will be added... more

Robert's Stress Page Stress Relievers...Stress. It's all around us. Daily we humans endure stress of all types, shapes and sizes. It's our lot in life. But we can fight back! By reading this page on a weekly basis, there is a good possibility that your stress level will decrease... more

Robert's Useful Information Page Useful Information...To balance out all of the negatives we experience in our lives, all of us needs some useful information. Feel free to check these out some of these remedies... more

Robert's Useless Information Page Useless Information...We all need useless information in our lives. What would we do without it? Have you had your useless information for the day yet? Feel free to check these out and make them a part of your life...somehow... more

Robert's Wise Saying Page Wise Sayings...This is the place to improve your knowledge base. The first set of quotes and wise sayings pertain to CHANGE. Change is inevitable... more